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After managing healthcare acquisitions for over 20 years, the one fact that is indisputable is that business owners selling their business are at a significant disadvantage when negotiating with seasoned buyers. Most sellers sell only once. Most active buyers acquire multiple times every year. Of course buyers will have the upper hand. The goal of this blog is to narrow that gap by educating sellers on how best to prepare for a divestiture.

The great news is that buyers are happy to help educate sellers as to how they can maximize the value of their business prior to selling. Buying higher quality businesses that are free from compliance issues, have sustained growth of high quality revenue and mitigate risk through maintaining parity in referrals only make the job of buyers easier. They are happy to pay more for higher value. That is why we want to make sure that owners have an open forum where they can learn how to prepare to sell, resulting in a happy ending for buyer, seller and Agenda.

We will post input from experienced sellers, buyers, lawyers and other specialists who are regularly hired to conduct operational due diligence and quality of earnings evaluations. This allows those with experience to market their value to you for free and you get to learn for free. Everybody wins!

Please take some time to send in your questions, comments or other requests ahead of the formal launch of this virtual community. That will help us make sure that we track down your answers ahead of time. We look forward to serving you with this blog. It is only the beginning.

Al Veach
CEO and Founder of Agenda Health


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