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Client Interview with Dr. Amy Ford

2023-08-22T15:54:24+00:00 Client Interview Series - Dr Amy Ford - Former Behavioral Health Owner Dr. Amy Ford started Dayspring Behavioral Health in 2012, and built an amazing company that she sold in 2023. We discussed her experience selling her business with Agenda Health. :09 Why sell? :32 Taking Action :41 Doubts and Fears :56 Why [...]

Client Interview with Dr. Amy Ford2023-08-22T15:54:24+00:00

What I Wish I Knew Before Selling My Business


What I Wish I Knew Before Selling My Business Introduction Many business owners initially attempt to tackle a sale independently, only to realize later that they could have benefited from expert guidance. This blog will explore the common insights shared by sellers who attempted to sell their businesses independently before seeking professional assistance. These insights [...]

What I Wish I Knew Before Selling My Business2023-08-29T19:17:24+00:00

Client Interview with Terry Swatley

2023-08-03T17:09:21+00:00 Client Interview Series - Terry Swatley - Former Hospice Owner & Founder of Hospice Dynamix From answering a cold call to performing multiple transactions with Agenda. Listen in as Terry Swatley, former hospice owner and founder of Hospice Dynamix, walks us through his experience selling with Agenda Health. Table of Contents 0:32 Background [...]

Client Interview with Terry Swatley2023-08-03T17:09:21+00:00

Client Interview with Nancy Kernell

2023-08-03T16:42:06+00:00 Client Interview Series - Nancy Kernell - Former Hospice Owner Check out our interview with our client and former hospice owner, Nancy Kernell. Nancy talks about what it was like selling her hospice business after 17 years, and the emotional reality of selling your business. Table of Contents 0:14 Background 1:50 Getting started [...]

Client Interview with Nancy Kernell2023-08-03T16:42:06+00:00

Maximizing Value in Healthcare M&A Transactions


Maximizing Value in Healthcare M&A Transactions Introduction When looking to maximize value in healthcare M&A transactions, it's important to view your business from a potential buyer's perspective.  Investors seek to mitigate risk, so it is essential to present your business in a way that reduces any potential risks. Understanding what investors consider valuable can significantly [...]

Maximizing Value in Healthcare M&A Transactions2023-08-03T16:41:17+00:00

Three Reasons To Work With a Healthcare M&A Advisor


THREE REASONS TO WORK WITH A HEALTHCARE M&A ADVISOR INTRO Partnering with a healthcare M&A advisor when selling your business has numerous advantages. Selling is a complex process with many potential pitfalls, so having an expert advisory team is essential. At Agenda Health, we offer access to advanced valuation models, a pre-qualified pool of [...]

Three Reasons To Work With a Healthcare M&A Advisor2023-08-03T16:40:55+00:00
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