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Our M&A Process

Mergers and acquisitions in healthcare comprise four stages: qualification, buyer and seller alignment, negotiation, and transaction management.

Why Choose Agenda?

At our core, we adhere to the conviction that unwavering commitment to our clients is the key to optimizing valuation and attaining successful outcomes. We achieve this by:

  • Providing an expert valuation and creating an exit plan that aligns with proper timing of the market and the goals of our clients.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of your business operations throughout the entire process.
  • Expertly managing every phase of the sale process.
  • Granting accessibility to a broad network of qualified healthcare buyers, ensuring a diverse pool of potential partners.
  • Employing strategic methods to generate multiple offers, maximizing the intrinsic value of your company.
  • Providing unwavering support throughout the Quality of Earnings (QofE), clinical, and legal diligence processes.
  • Proactively staying abreast of the latest trends in healthcare M&A, ensuring your business strategies align with industry dynamics.

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