Making a Healthcare Acquisition

Purchasing a business can be an exciting venture, but it can also be daunting. Even if you’ve been through the process before, we know that finding the right fit for your healthcare acquisition interests takes time, diligence and perseverance through obstacles along the way.

We’re here to help you solidify your healthcare acquisition criteria, pre-qualify sellers accordingly and present you with a perfect fit. We’ll utilize our experience to advise you through negotiations and be with you all the way to close.

Buyer Process

We begin by taking 30 minutes to discuss your business interests. It’s our goal to gain an intimate knowledge of your goals to improve our ability to match you with a high-intent seller. 

  • Our advisors will ask detailed questions and listen to understand your specific criteria of companies you’re seeking to acquire as well as your preferences on deal terms. 
  • Once profiles are completed, we present only those sellers who are in line with your stated interests. All parties’ time is valuable, and we seek to make the best use of everyone’s time by creating efficiency at each step.
  • We also maintain an intimate knowledge of your goals by conducting ongoing buyer profile calls on a periodic basis so we can effectively match your stated interests to a seller before introduction

The Agenda Health valuations team completes an in-depth clinical and financial analysis of each potential transaction to arrive at a transaction value that is equitable for sellers and buyers.

  • Our accurate valuation of healthcare businesses is rooted in our commitment to this specialized industry 
  • We work intimately with our sellers to ensure all company data is in order for an accurate valuation

Our approach to matching high-intent sellers with qualified buyers is both personal and methodical. Our focus on healthcare sectors help us build relationships with high-intent sellers, and our people-first approach means we learn the ins and outs of every seller we evaluate.

  • We validate all information from our sellers to make sure the sale is worth your time
  • Following valuation, we send qualified leads matching your stated interests
  • Through continued conversations, we stay up to date on your goals preferences so we can align you with high-intent sellers when new opportunities come about  
Agenda Health has a proven track record of completing transactions of all sizes. Through close attention to detail and careful processing of data we are able to maintain consistency and accuracy at every step of the process.

  • We coordinate data exchange with each third-party vendor and meticulously track progress on outstanding items.
  • Agenda Health offers Virtual Data Room management for every transaction.
  • Our team is always available for questions and discussions with our buyers.
We are dedicated to helping our buyers accomplish their acquisition goals. Whether your goal is to acquire a platform opportunity or add on to an existing platform, our team can deliver results. 

  • We assist our buyers in crafting a purchase agreement that covers all the bases and protects both buyer and seller.
  • Confidentiality is important to us. With a faith-first attitude, we can be trusted to adhere to strict guidelines that keep deals confidential

Agenda Health is dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers experience a smooth transition to close the sale. Our team is always available to answer any questions during closing. 

Want to hear from those who have gone before?

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