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Our Commitment To You

After my first 8 years in the healthcare M&A industry, I identified 2 very important characteristics missing in the existing advisory firms driving the majority of the transactions:

  1. A targeted approach to matching buyers and sellers driven by documented research of buyer preferences coupled with a detailed approach to understanding what was important to each business owner planning to sell.
  2. A commitment to honoring God by sharing the love of Jesus in how clients are served.

Agenda Health’s commitment to you is that we will take the time to document buyer profiles so that we are efficient and effective in matching the right buyer. Our targeted approach will enforce confidentiality by making sure we only show information where the attributes match.

We will do our homework, working to understand your businesses before we bring it to market. Our ethics and our work effort will be driven by our devotion to honor God with our work. We understand that this is not only your business, it is your livelihood, your retirement and the place where your closest friends work. We commit to listening carefully to what is important to you in a partner and working diligently to achieve that goal. Agenda Health looks forward to the opportunity to serve your company.