Healthcare Emerging Markets

We are always keeping our eyes peeled when it comes to M&A activity across all healthcare services markets. One particular market we continue to watch is physician medical group M&A. The first quarter of 2021 came with a significant increase in transaction volume and remained higher than normal throughout the rest of the year. According to a PWC report, both the overall volume and value of transactions in this space have increase over the LTM since 5/15/22 compared to 2021 calendar year.

Healthcare Private Equity & Investment

The private equity market and health systems lead the way in the physician medical group M&A space as they seek to grow the footprint of their platforms and compete for market space. Private equity and financial investment groups in general continue to lead the way in terms of generating the best values for sellers, so our team will continue to foster these relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Always Looking Forward

Our goal is to make sure that we continue to provide exceptional service and value in our core competency healthcare sectors while leveraging the demand in these emerging markets for both buyers and sellers that want to capitalize on this growth. Therefore, we see these areas to be the primary opportunities for expansion in our firm moving forward.

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